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I'm right, just incorrect

Politics with Attitude
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This is a community about arguing, I mean discussing issues, which center on religion, politics and some philosophy. No room for stupid posts about your day. I want different types of people in here so it doesn't matter if you’re a democrat or republican, atheist or Christian, and so on. I want you here if you have heart and believe in what you're saying.

Here are the rules:

1. Bash each other if you must but it must be in context and should not resort to name calling like "eat my shit".
2. Please present your views clearly and no extremely horrid spelling errors.
3. Don't promote other communities in here
4. Extremely long entries should be lj-cut. If not they must be pretty good damn entries.
5. For now this is an open community but that may change
6. Don’t take anything said to heart, it's all fun in the end

Basically once you become a member you are allowed to post your thoughts on issues you are concerned about. I will post discussion questions when the community seems to be slowing down.

Let the bashing begin!